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Nagmuts. Part 1. Page 5. The Lizard


For the next few days, I stayed close by the car. I climbed aboard when the humans would approach it, only to find myself going for rides that end up in parking lots. Luckily, I never got stuck in any of them for a long period of time.  I would simply wait for the humans to complete whatever purpose they had for going to the parking lots, and eventually find myself returning back to the grounds of my new home.   After awhile I recognized my intuition telling me I wasn’t going back.

To a human or a dog, an unexpected physical detachment from certain familiar beings and surroundings could be tragic, but please note, I am not human, so I react differently to surprising or unfortunate events such as these. Yes, I am now away from those I once knew, but now I am around different ones. However, I’ve never regretted climbing on that car since it brought new scenery, friendships, benefits and challenges; all the things that excite me in the physical world. Besides, there are other ways I and most all other animals are able to visit one another.  I will explain more later.

I am lucky because I like where I live now. But I have also learned to pause before I make the leap onto a car. Imagine the places I could have ended up. Besides being dead or dying, I could have ended up in the median of a busy road, on the side of an interstate, or in an ecological system that doesn’t support my physical makeup.  Either way, cars and other types of human transportation tools are some of the best ways for lizards and others to relocate.

Other methods of physical travel for creatures is through agreements with other animals. Although humans have relied on animal transportation throughout much of their history, an agreement between animal and human is often non customary and non negotiable.  Regardless of the empathy, care and love a human may feel toward an animal, (e.g horse, camel, mule, llama, etc.) these relationships are often forced and built as the result of enslavement as the animal does not choose to be a part of the relationship but rather subdues itself to comply in the forced relationships.

As for animals, the decision for an animal to ‘ride’ with the traveling breed is based on a mutual agreement. There is no lease or ownership of one animal over the other. There is normally no series of mutual benefits for both animals when one chooses to assist the other. Likewise, it is often a non vital circumstance for the animal traveler, unless the animal is temporarily injured and needs to make a migration prior to a change in weather.  Otherwise, it is mostly for purposes of simple enjoyment.

Another benefit of physical travel for animals is the increased variety of species which can provide the travel opportunities. This advantage allows certain creatures, lizards being one, to ride with certain bird species. What a great experience these opportunities are! I have engaged in such adventures and they are always full of excitement from the flight to the final destination.

Now I also understand that many types of birds enjoy eating animals such as me. But not all, and for those that do, not all the time. This is where where our instinct and telepathic agreements come through. These abilities allow us to assist each other in feelings of trust and mutuality. Besides, there are much more to cross-species animal interactions other than eating each other. Some humans know this already through tools such as profession, education, instinct, and natural connectedness. Other humans, regardless of their material possession, social status, or egos do not understand the first thing about animals; and especially any of the other areas I will be discussing shortly.


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